Smoky Quartz Mala with Sonoran Cactus Chrysocolla Pendant

$ 353.00

One of the most unique and visually stunning chrysocolla cabochons we have ever seen. This beauty is a 50mm x31mm free form piece set so simply so as not to take way from its magnificence. This pendant was hand fabricated in our studio, and is so very much one of a kind.

The chrysocolla pendant anchors 108 Smoky Quartz beads to make this mala a statement piece to be sure.
Hand knotted on brown silk thread this mala measures 38" in length (44" with pendant) yet is surprisingly lightweight.  

Chrysocolla – harmony, wisdom, Goddess energy, gentle power, communication

Chakras: Throat, Heart, Root

Smoky Quartz- grounding, absorbs and channels negative energies in the Earth thereby neutralizing them, helps you receive and use more high frequency energies, manifestation

Chakra: Root

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