Rose Quartz and Garnet Mala

$ 244.00

Rose Quartz is a gentle. powerful healer, and is joined in this mala with strength and security of Garnet.  This mala is hand knotted with 108 rose quartz beads, accented with moonstone and garnet.  It is finished with a Tibetan shell pendant and a handmade silk hassle. 

This mala offers so much love, comfort and safety.

 This mala is 42" in length (50" including hassle)

Rose Quartz – unconditional love, self-love, gentleness, emotional healing, stress release, harmony, strong healing stone

Chakra: Heart

Garnet – strength, security, attraction, sensuality, manifesting, grounding

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Moonstone- self-discovery, intuition, insight

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown


Each piece of our jewelry is lovingly infused with supportive Reiki energy.

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