Protection Necklace

$ 55.00

Amethyst and Green Amethyst Om Trio 

There are times where we know we will probably be ok, but just need a little more protection, and usually that comes in the form of prayer, and looking to a higher power than ourselves. With all these Divine energies, you should feel well protected, connected, and ready to move forward into the journey before you.

Amethyst – purification, protection, release of addictive patterns, aids greatly in meditation, Divine connection

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Green Amethyst- the stone of Namaste, helps bring spiritual ideals into expression, links higher and lower self, awakens heart, compassion, self-acceptance

Chakras: Heart, Crown, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Thai silver Om Charm- the symbol of the Third Eye chakra and is also traditionally the symbol for All That Is.

Sterling silver chain.

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