Power Mala- Lava Stone and Crystal Quartz

$ 227.00

From the fiery depths of the Earth's core come these Lava Stone beads, also known as Basalt.  Once fire in liquid form, now cooled to stone, Lava Stone carries powerful, earthy energy.  Hand knotted on black silk with Crystal quartz, Apatite faced nuggets and two sets of Kyanite rectangles.

Lava Stone (Basalt)-  physical and mental strength, courage, stabilizing, fiery strength,  cleanses negativity, aids in fertility.

Chakras: Crown, Root

 Quartz Crystal, Clear – harmonizes, balances, energizes, amplifies energies

Chakras: All


Apatite - inner vision, psychic perception, intellect, stimulates thoughts and ideas Chakra: Third Eye

Kyanite – activates psychic channels, aligns chakras, eases anger, increases empathy

Chakras: All

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