Lava Stone, Hematite and Turquoise Necklace

$ 165.00 $ 224.00

Black Lava Stone, Hematite, and Turquoise beads hand knotted on black silk thread withThai silver spacers.  Anchored by large Turquoise nugget and handmade Thai silk tassel. Measures 38" in length including tassel.

Lava Stone (Basalt)-  physical and mental strength, courage, stabilizing, fiery strength,  cleanses negativity, aids in fertility.

Chakras: Crown, Root

Hematite- most effective for grounding, counteracts confusion and spaciness, helps bring dreams into reality, stone of integration, balancing of opposite energies-yin and yang

Chakra: Root

Turquoise – spiritual attunement, wholeness, wellness, peace, spiritual expansion, communication

Chakra: Throat

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