Fancy Jasper Mala with Amazonite and Tibetan Bronze Buddha

$ 197.00

Fancy Jasper is a stone of so many colors!  All earth tones, they compliment each other, but each beads is completely unique.  Here they are accented with Amazonite and bronze colored Hematite beads.  At the focal point is an antiqued Tibetan Buddha figure made from Bronze.  

This mala of 108 fancy jasper beads was hand knotted on silk, and measures 40" in length.

Jasper, Fancy – grounds mental energies, discipline, perseverance, slow steady healing

Chakras: All

Amazonite - truth, communication, creative expression, harmony, enhances self-esteem.

Chakras: Throat and Heart

Hematite- most effective for grounding, counteracts confusion and spaciness, helps bring dreams into reality, stone of integration, balancing of opposite energies-yin and yang

Chakra: Root

Each piece of our jewelry is lovingly infused with supportive Reiki energy.

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