Amethyst Mala with Hand Fabricated Green Amazonite Pendant

$ 320.00

This mala is truly a one of a kind beauty.  At the focal point is a Green Amazonite teardrop pendant in a hand fabricated sterling silver setting.  This pendant is one of a kind and was made in our home studio.  

The deep dark purple amethyst beads are accented with the cool blue Apatite nuggets, and a little flash added with the faceted silver pyrite beads.  At the back of the mala, where it will rest at your neck, sits one Crystal Quartz beads which helps amplify and harmonize the energies of the other stones.

This mala of 108 amethyst beads is hand knotted on silk thread, and measures 42" in length.

Each piece of our jewelry is lovingly infused with supportive Reiki energy.

Amethyst – purification, protection, release of addictive patterns, aids greatly in meditation, Divine connection

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Amazonite - truth, communication, creative expression, harmony, enhances self-esteem.

Chakras: Throat and Heart

Apatite - inner vision, psychic perception, intellect, stimulates thoughts and ideas Chakra: Third Eye

Silver Pyrite- empowering, increases vitality

Crystal Quartz – harmonizes, balances, energizes, amplifies energies

Chakras: All


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