Amazonite, Citrine, and Rhodonite Mala with Bloodstone Pendant

$ 232.00

Amazonite, faceted Citrine, Crystal Quartz and Rhodonite on white hand knotted silk, anchored by a hand fabricated Bloodstone Pendant.  Measures 38" in length including pendant.

 Amazonite - truth, communication, creative expression, harmony, enhances self-esteem.

Chakras: Throat and Heart

Bloodstone – strength, courage, vitality, purification, renewal, relieves anxiety

Chakra: Root

Citrine – Clarity, success, manifestation, physical energy

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root

 Quartz Crystal, Clear – harmonizes, balances, energizes, amplifies energies

Chakras: All

Rhodonite – grace, developing talents, discovery, love, compassion, generosity

Chakras: Heart, Root

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