My jewelry is inspired by my studies of yoga, meditation, and spiritual exploration.

I began making jewelry almost 20 years ago, introduced to the process by a good friend, but mostly I am self taught. I loved making my own adornments, and being able to gift friends with one of a kind pieces, but it was really only a hobby. It was when I started to practice yoga almost 10 years ago that the seeds of Tulaa Jewelry were planted.

After my first yoga practice, I had a sense of coming home, and knew I had finally found something BIG that was going to change my life. Yoga has changed me, in ways I never thought possible, one of which was how I began to approach jewelry design.

I learned about energy, chakras, mudras, mantras, intention, meditation, personal healing and responsibility...I felt such an incredible need to manifest what I was learning, and jewelry became part of that.

I have always been drawn to the energies of gemstones and the power of symbols. Now I had a way to pull it together. I knew that each stone carried its own energetic qualities, but in learning about chakras, I saw how gemstones could also help balance a specific energy center, and I was really inspired.

When I became a Reiki Master, my jewelry was taken to another level. Reiki can be applied to anything carrying Universal energy, and the stones being from the Earth essentially carry this energy as well. I began to play, and started clearing the stones first, then infusing them with Reiki. Even I was amazed at the results!

I began to see people being drawn to the right piece of jewelry for them in very dramatic ways. It's as if the stones called directly to them. But most importantly, people began to tell me how much they felt the support of the qualities of the stones, and the Reiki energy. This is when I really fell in love with my work.

I create jewelry for women who want to feel a deeper connection to the flow of energy and life around them. Women who want to wear beautiful, intentional, energetically charged reminders that the Universe is inherently supportive, creative, and responsive to their deepest desires.

As you balance your personal energy and get clear on what it means for you to live fully, the Universe reflects this vision back to you for your ultimate peace and happiness. This is my belief, and creating jewelry to support this vision is my passion. I am honored to have you here, and hope that my designs can help you on your Journey.


Dana Phillips