What Is Your Dream? March 05, 2016 18:17

“You have tremendous gifts to give; God sent them with you when you came to this earth. And while you might forget them, or doubt they exist, God does not forget and He will show them to you. As soon as your gifts are dedicated to His work, they will blossom. Chains that might have held you back for years will dissolve. And you will feel free. You will learn that your spirit is bigger than your circumstances, as soon as you put your spirit first.”

Marianne Williamson

What is your dream?

That thing that keeps nagging at you, that you most likely feel is an impossible dream?

The dream that you may keep hidden from the world because if you were to give it voice, those you love will tell you it is a crazy fantasy. Or they’ll tell you it’s your destiny, and what are you waiting for? That might be even scarier, right?

I’m going to be honest here and share my dream. And it’s scary to put out there, but I’m kind of tired of hiding.

I want to write, to speak, to travel the world leading workshops and events, helping as many people as I can to feel safe in who they are, they are enough just as they are, and to know it’s ok to live their dream. And while I love designing jewelry, I know there is more calling in my heart, to deepen my work, to share what has helped me.  

I have this dream, and I have had it for a while, but I have also had that VOICE that tells me it’s just a fantasy. A fool’s call, to believe that I am capable of ever achieving that dream. And it’s very convincing. It’s almost had me, but I’m starting to get wise.

Why do I have this dream? Why do I fantasize about seeing myself writing a book, speaking to groups large and small, traveling and being inspired? Why does this “fantasy” stay alive in my heart? Because it is mine and it is a possibility of what will make me happiest and fulfill my purpose.

How do I know it is possible? Because I dream it. God places our dreams deep within our hearts, and it is our job to uncover them, to reveal what will make us happy, because when we are happy, we are living our purpose. To be happy, and share that happiness with the world.

And, let’s be honest, we all have different dreams. I can tell you for a fact neither my husband, nor sister want to get up in front of people and speak. Just as I know I do not want to be a doula and be available to mother’s as they give birth, which is the deepest dream and desire of a close friend of mine. Our dreams are possible because they are UNIQUE to us. But we hold them close because they are so precious to us.

And that’s where the ego’s deception sneaks in. The ego’s ultimate goal is to keep us small and “safe”. Its job is to keep us alive, avoid risk, and live through the lens of fear. The ego tells us that it’s stupid to pursue that dream, and anybody would be better at our dream than us. In fact, that dream is so much better suited to someone else, that you may as well give up because it’s not for YOU.

YOU are too old, uneducated, inexperienced, untalented, undeserving, too fat, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not ________ enough. Your dream isn’t going to work for you, it’s just a silly thought that will get you hurt, again. Play it safe, give it up, be realistic, pipe down, quit making waves, play small, be safe.

But what if that is wrong? What if the safest thing to do is go after that dream?

A Course In Miracles says that fear is a sure sign that you are relying on your own power. Peace is a sign you are relying on God. What does that mean? Well, if you are relying solely on your own abilities to make your dream come true, which usually ends up with the ego running things and showing you all the obstacles in your way, you can’t help but be afraid. It does seem impossible.

But if you can let in just for a moment the possibility that this dream is a part of you, and that you are a part of God, than anything is entirely possible.  But you have to step back and let God lead the way. You have to let go of the fear, even one small step at a time, and give life to your dream.  

For me, it is writing this post, and then letting it go. You may be inspired, you may think I’m a hack, or you may not care at all. And where once that would have really held me back, I’m starting to believe it’s the risk I have to take. If I want to write and travel and speak, I have to start somewhere, and I have to write.

 What about you? Are you ready to make leap, or even just a teeny tiny baby step? I for one would love to hear about your dream, take that first step and tell me in the comments below...what is YOUR dream?