Carnelian-Stone of Courage April 09, 2014 12:13 1 Comment

When I think of Carnelian, I think warmth, comfort, energy, I generally wear it when I am needing those exact things. A stone of varying shades of orange, carnelian is a great supporter and grounding force.

I began to understand and appreciate the power of carnelian several years ago when I first started making jewelry. At the time I was learning a lot about energy and chakras, and things I could do to help balance out the energy of my body. I was coming up against a lot of hard truths, one of which was, as a "stuck" creative type, I was always acting from the Heart chakra up. What I mean by that is I spent all my time thinking, dreaming, wishing, analyzing...but very little doing. It's pretty common for a lot of people to be all thought and no action. Sadly this was me.

Not only was I not "doing", I was also in a constant state of fear and worry, wondering how I was ever going to have enough, do enough, be enough. I was a mess. I still have these days occassionally , but now I know I just need to regroup, get out of my head, and get grounded.

I started to work on grounding and bringing more energy to my Root, and Sacral chakras. I began to focus on infusing more red and orange into my surroundings and awareness, and this is when I became attracted to carnelian.

Carnelian resonates with the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras, which are the first three, and basically rule how we move, survive and act in the world. Due to it's vibrant orange color, you can tell that carnelian is going to resonate mostly with the Sacral (2nd) chakra, and it does in a big way.

Carnelian is a stone of courage, action and support. When you feel you need to get off your ass and get moving, get some carnelian. Especially if your are an "ideas" person, a creative, or someone who needs a push into action. Carnelian can help get things moving. Instead of wishing things would happen for you or to you, enlist carnelian's help and start MAKING things happen. You can wear carnelian, or place stones in your work place to help get things moving.

Carnelian is also very helpful in giving your sex life a little kick in the pants as well. That Sacral chakra needs to stay energized, and a healthy, happy sex life is a great way to keep things moving! Try it, what have you got to lose?

It's funny, because as I'm typing this, I'm thinking, "go get your carnelian bracelet now, you got work to do!" And that is definitely true. I feel I have so many directions I want to go, projects to start, things to create, and I am often in a state of overwhelm, and let's be honest - immobility. I definitely need a push, so carnelian, you are being summoned today!