Rose Quartz- The Gentle Healer February 03, 2014 00:00

Rose Quartz was a stone that I quite often overlooked in my earlier days as a jewelry designer. Pink is not my color, never wore it, never liked it, always thought of it as a weak, girly color. Sorry, that just how I felt. I would pepper it in some designs here and there, but mostly to appease customers that requested it, and a lot of women like pink.

Then my Mom got cancer, and everything changed.

I was my Mom's health navigator, advocate, and semi-caretaker. Mainly I was responsible for scheduling doctor appointments, treatments, travel to and fro, and anything that required the mental and physical strength my Mom no longer had. It was not an easy time, all of her doctors and treatments were two hours away from my home, and in the beginning we were traveling there 3-4 times a week. I was exhausted, stressed, and quite often angry. It was not a good place to be. It was not my Mom's fault what was happening to her, and I wanted to do whatever I could for her. I didn't want her to see me stressed out and angry. I didn't want her to feel responsible for the pain and stress that I was experiencing.

Then one day I decided to lean on my knowledge of stones and symbols. I first thought of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, bestower of success…surely that would be a good energy to have around! Ganesh is also seen as a "good luck" symbol, and I felt we needed as much as we could get.

Then a strange thing happened. I was drawn to this rose quartz faceted nugget that I have had for some time but always overlooked.

I knew rose quartz is a Heart chakra stone, a stone of love,and I felt I needed to bring more love into the situation. I mean, of course I loved my Mom, but I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with all that I needed to do, and I didn't want her to see that. I wanted to remember the love first, for her and for me. As a caregiver you learn quickly how easy it is to forget about yourself, and only serve the person in need. While it is a noble idea, it most always leads to burnout and resentment. I didn't want that, so I called on the energy of rose quartz to aid me.

I rounded out this impromptu design with an Om charm to remind me to bring God into everything, and to carry the awareness of Divine energy into every action.

This necklace, which I made on a long chain to wear at my Heart chakra, became my lifeline in a way. I wore it every time we went to Charleston, and as it hung right at my heart, I found myself holding onto it when I was especially stressed and needed comfort. The rose quartz was doing the trick. Carrying this gentle healer around with me really helped keep me centered in love in some very trying times. It's presence reminded me to act with love when I was cranky, and to nurture myself when I was getting low. I was so grateful for it's presence.

I still where this necklace all the time. My Mom's battle lasted two years, and she has since passed away, but the love and support of this piece remains. I have added a gorgeous chunk of Chrysoprase, another Heart chakra stone for compassion, but the intention of the necklace remains. When I need strength emotionally, peace in a stressful environment, or reminders of the love that is available everywhere, I turn to rose quartz, the gentle healer.

Have you ever had a stone or piece of jewelry affect you in this way? A special "talisman" you carried in troubled times? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your story!